IH Student Spotlight Part 4 of 4

Continued from last week, this is the last post of the IH Student Spotlight:

Sun Young M.

Sun Young really enjoys spending time here in Vancouver, and one of her favourite things to do is to go downtown with her friends after class. That is not to say that all of Sun Young’s free time revolves around “hanging out.” In class, her favourite things are the group activities that help her build confidence in speaking English aloud. Sun Young also works as a volunteer. She is also optimistic that within three months she will significantly improve her skills in English proficiency. Other than her focus on school, Sun Young plans to go to the Rocky Mountains and Vancouver Island.

Each of these young adults willingly shared with me their own experiences and expectations and after interviewing them, my own experience at International House was further enriched. Apart from the disheartening rainy weather, all four students felt as though their expectations of Vancouver were met. Some of the students said that their favourite part of IH was the diversity of all these different people coming together for a common purpose, to learn English.

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