J-Shine at IH Vancouver

Asami Takei with J-SHINE Graduates

“The most rewarding aspect of the J-SHINE program is seeing my students grow in confidence as teachers,” says Asami Takei, the coordinator of J-SHINE as she reflects on the growth of the J-SHINE program at IH Vancouver. “We have been offering J-SHINE for several sessions now and all of the students have successfully obtained the J-SHINE certificate.”


One advantage to taking J-SHINE with IH Vancouver, even though it is offered in Japan as well, is the relative time and cost. Students can learn in an intensive 4 week course and obtain the same certificate as in Japan. And the experience of living in an English speaking country is another benefit. The IH J-SHINE program is also recognized by several Japanese universities. Very soon university students from Japan will be able to take JSHINE in Vancouver as a university credit.

J-SHINE students receive practical instruction in teaching English. They learn about classroom management and current teaching techniques in both English and Japanese.The first two weeks of the course is an immersion experience for students as they receive all of their instruction in English. In the following two weeks, they gain a firm understanding of teaching English to young children in their own language, Japanese. “Another unique aspect of the J-SHINE program at IH Vancouver is our 50-hour practicum placement. It is an ideal way to reinforce and apply the knowledge that students have gained in the classroom, and this type of hands-on training is not readily available in Japan.”

J-SHINE Students on the Pracitcum

J-SHINE prepares students to work in ESL immersion classrooms in Japan. Typically our graduates find employment in Daycares and Elementary schools. Starting in April 2011, English will be mandatory in all Elementary schools in Japan, and demand for English teachers will grow dramatically. J-SHINE graduates will have knowledge and skills that are needed.

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