Eduardo Camargos – IH Vancouver Student of the Month

IH Vancouver Student of the month

Eduardo Campargos

Every month, a hard-working student is selected to be ‘Student of the Month’. They are chosen based on their dedication, focus and improvement in their classes. This month, we have the honour of awarding Eduardo Camargos for his diligence and significant improvement throughout his three months here.


Interview with Eduardo Camargos ‘Student of the Month’

JM: “How do you feel being Student of the Month?”

EC: “I feel really good and pleased. It was a big surprise for me! It gives me a very positive feeling, and it encouraged me to keep studying.”

JM:  “What did you do to receive Student of the Month?”

EC:: “Every time I come to IH, I attempt everything and study a lot. I always come to class and try my best! I try to help other students by giving examples, and I focus!”

JM: “Why are you learning English?”

EC: “I am learning English for my business degree. It’s very important to know English for my profession.”

JM: “How did you like your time at IH?”

EC: “The teachers and staff were very kind and helpful, I loved it! They care about you a lot; I had a very happy time here at IH. The structure of the school is really nice.”

JM: “How was your experience in Canada?”

EC: “I had an amazing experience. I learned a lot about Canadian culture and saw beautiful places like Stanley Park and Whistler. There are very kind, helpful people here and I got to experience lots of new things like skiing. It’s very cold though!”

JM: “What is the biggest difference between your home and here?”

EC: “The culture and the weather are very different. Also, the security here is much better than in Brazil, and people seem to live a less stressful life here. Public transport here is much better and the environment is very nice.”

JM: “What is your work background?”

EC: “I am a financial manager. I was working for a company and will look for a new job in Brazil. I have two MBA’s and graduated in business administration.”

JM: “What are your future plans and what do you plan to do with the information you learned here at IH?”

EC: “My future plans are to keep studying English. I will take what I learned here into my business, and improve my vocabulary.  I plan to speak English in Brazil, and use my English to get a better job. English will help me start my PhD, which I will start next year.

JM: “How will learning English improve your life?”

EC: “I can find a better job, make new friends, learn about a new culture and be a part of new opportunities. It opened many doors for me to a new world!

JM: “This is a very important question. What advice can you offer other students?”

EC: “It’s important to have a good balance between fun, going out and studying. Students should focus in class and attend all classes! A good balance between social life and learning is necessary.”

JM: “Would you recommend your friends to come to International House Vancouver?”

EC: “Yes of course! I will give good advice and recommendations to everyone I know back home. IH really satisfied what I was looking for— knowledgeable teachers, great staff and good work material.”

JM: “Thank you very much for your time Eduardo. You are an inspirational student.”

EC: “It was my pleasure.”


Jessica McNeil February  2012

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