My Week At International House Vancouver

This week, February 4 to 8, I have had the amazing opportunity to be one of the new faces at International House Vancouver. Through my school’s Career Preparation Program, I was placed as a student intern at IH Vancouver and, after almost a week, I love it here. I was placed at an ESL school, because of my love of languages and language development and my plans to become an ESL teacher.


When I received my placement, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was surprised by how welcoming and enthusiastic everyone at IH Vancouver was. From the office staff to the teachers and students, you can’t help but feel comfortable in this professional environment. On the first day, as returning students hurried to class and new students anxiously awaited their test, there was a sense of organized chaos. This sense of organization and professionalism has continued throughout the week at a high level.


During my time here, I was able to sit in on a few classes and thought that they were all informative and interactive. Whether it was a junior English lesson or a class for students learning to teach English, all of the teachers were dedicated and offered unique lesson plans. The students had to use newly-learned skills in fun, inventive ways. These classes were an amazing, educational experience for me, as I was able to see what an ESL class is like and how the class operates, which reinforced my aspiration to become an ESL teacher abroad after I graduate.


The teachers here are amazing, as well as the students. While being in the classes, all of the students have been welcoming and very willing to speak English. They all take responsibility for their learning and participate in class. Even in the hallways between classes and with the staff, they all try their hardest to speak in English, even if another language is more convenient. It was inspiring to see so many dedicated students, especially knowing from personal experience how hard it is to communicate in a foreign country.


I have had an amazing week thanks to all of the staff and students and have gained useful experience in teaching English, organization, and lesson planning. This week has been my first step to my teaching future.


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