Interview with Christina Margraf

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Christina Margraf, International House Pacific’s Chief Operating Officer, and got to talk to her about her role at IH Pacific and what she thinks of Vancouver.

Ms. Margraf, a native of Germany, oversees the operation of the three IH Pacific schools, Vancouver, Whistler, and San Diego. Before coming to IH Vancouver, she worked at IH World as the Business Development Manager. As for the future of IH Pacific, there are plans to continue structuring as the company grows and the possible introduction of a 50+ program. IH Pacific is continually innovating and offers students programs of excellent quality and activities that introduce them to local culture.

Ms. Margraf, a master of four languages (English, German, Italian, and Spanish), finds Vancouver a quiet, laid-back city with friendly people and great outdoor opportunities compared to other cities.

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