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An unforgettable time at International House Vancouver

I had the opportunity to study for about 6 months at IH Vancouver and I attended a school program called Demi Pair. Half a day I was in the language school and for a few hours per day I helped my host family where I was staying. In my first two weeks I attended a […]

Interview with Christina Margraf

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Christina Margraf, International House Pacific’s Chief Operating Officer, and got to talk to her about her role at IH Pacific and what she thinks of Vancouver. Ms. Margraf, a native of Germany, oversees the operation of the three IH Pacific schools, Vancouver, Whistler, and San Diego. Before coming […]

My Week At International House Vancouver

This week, February 4 to 8, I have had the amazing opportunity to be one of the new faces at International House Vancouver. Through my school’s Career Preparation Program, I was placed as a student intern at IH Vancouver and, after almost a week, I love it here. I was placed at an ESL school, […]


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IH Vancouver – 2013 Consumer Choice Award Winner

IH Vancouver is pleased to announce that we have won the 2013 Consumer Choice Award in the category of School – Language School for the city of Vancouver and surrounding areas.

A Canadian Thanksgiving

It is the middle of autumn in Vancouver. I asked a few people about their countries’ seasonal activities in October. Some Brazilian students said, “It is now spring in Brazil. The seasons in Brazil happen at a different time than Vancouver. Brazil is so big, different cities have their own climate. However, in general, autumn […]

My Week at International House Vancouver

We had the pleasure of having Jessica McNeil as our student intern for one week. SHe was wonderful and did a great job!

Back to the IH Pacific Blog

Back to our blog Greetings to all of our old readers and welcome to our new ones. We have been busy with preparations for our schools, IH Whistler, IH Vancouver and IH San Diego and have not been updating our blog recently. But we are back and ready to report on everything exciting happening in […]

IH Student Spotlight Part 4 of 4

Continued from last week, this is the last post of the IH Student Spotlight: Sun Young really enjoys spending time here in Vancouver, and one of her favourite things to do is to go downtown with her friends after class. That is not to say that all of Sun Young’s free time revolves around “hanging […]

IH Student Spotlight Part 3 of 4

Continued From Last Week: Steven is a Taiwanese student eager to learn English.. Within a year, Steven feels that he can greatly improve his pronunciation and hopes to travel around the world with the improved knowledge of English he hopes to achieve at IH. In Steven’s free time, he likes to travel around the city […]