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IH Student Spotlight Part 4 of 4

Continued from last week, this is the last post of the IH Student Spotlight: Sun Young really enjoys spending time here in Vancouver, and one of her favourite things to do is to go downtown with her friends after class. That is not to say that all of Sun Young’s free time revolves around “hanging […]

IH Student Spotlight Part 3 of 4

Continued From Last Week: Steven is a Taiwanese student eager to learn English.. Within a year, Steven feels that he can greatly improve his pronunciation and hopes to travel around the world with the improved knowledge of English he hopes to achieve at IH. In Steven’s free time, he likes to travel around the city […]

Studio 819 in San Diego

The Lobby at Studio 819 We offer a wide selection of homestay options as well as long-term stay at hotel accommodations near our Fashion Valley campus at IH San Diego. We are also pleased to offer residential suites in the nearby Studio 819 residential hotel.  The suites at Studio 819 are perfect for students who […]

J-Shine at IH Vancouver

A practically focussed J-SHINE course in beautiful Vancouver. 4-week course plus 50 hour practicum.

IH Student Spotlight Part 2 of 4

Continued From Last Week: Clea G. Clea hails from the French part of Switzerland; she came to Canada because it was her dream to see the vast beautiful landscape that this nation holds. Clea wants to do well in the CAE and to expand her vocabulary. Clea wants to travel and attend university. Currently, most […]

IH Student Spotlight Part 1 of 4

One of the best things about International House is its diversity of students.  I had the chance to interview four lovely students at various levels of English proficiency. Each student was different in their own way but something they all shared was the fact that they all came to Vancouver to learn English.   Lina […]

My Week at International House

  This week, as new students walked anxiously through the doors of IH awaiting their placements and books, no one expected to see a nervous new face behind the counter as well. My name is Maya Bhangoo. I am a high school student intern at International House. I have been placed here as a result […]